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NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality Signs Code of Fair Campaign Practices, Calls on Opposition to Endorse Standard of Ethics

We invite our opponents to join us and deliver the kind of campaign that Maine voters want and deserve

Statement from NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality on the Filing of Petitions by Opponents to Over Turn Maines Marriage Equality Law

Unified Campaign Launches Maine Freedom to Marry

Organization Will Defeat Anti-Marriage Referendum in November, Supporters Vow


Latest News Clips

Day After Petitions Certified, Battle Over Gay Marriage Law Heats Up
- 9/4/09
September 3, 2009 in MPBN Read more »

Marriage should be open to all who want it
- 8/22/09
August 24, 2009 - Portland Press Herald Read more »

Gay Marriage Supporters Open 3rd Campaign Office
- 8/13/09
August 13, 2009 - Associated Press Read more »

Maine Moves Into High Gear
- 8/11/09
August 11, 2009 - The Advocate Read more »

The blessings of marriage, beauty of Maine should extend to all of us
- 8/7/09
Voters in South Portland have the dubious distinction of being asked to register their views on two seemingly very different referendum questions this Nov. 3 Read more »

Gay marriage backers seek pledge of civility
- 8/6/09
Gay marriage supporters are calling on one of the leaders of a campaign to toss out Maine's gay marriage law to sign a pledge to conduct a civil campaign. Read more »

Gay Marriage Opponents Submit Challenges
- 7/31/09
Gay marriage opponents hoping to derail Maine's new law before it can take effect submitted petitions Friday that they said contain more than enough signatures to force a people's veto referendum. Read more »

Sign, Sealed
- 7/31/09
A coalition fighting a move to repeal the state's gay marriage law says it has collected more than 60,000 pledge cards of support from Maine residents. Read more »

Maine's Marriage Debate Turns Deeply Religious
- 6/22/09
A legislative hearing to extend gay marriage to Maine took on the atmosphere of a religious revival Wednesday as ministers made impassioned speeches for and against the bill before thousands of cheering spectators packed into a civic arena. Read more »

Gay-marriage foes hire California firm that ran Prop 8
- 6/18/09
But Mainers have their own political culture and dislike outside interference, so the strategy could backfire, an expert says. Read more »

This Time, Gays Aren't the Target
- 6/15/09
Twenty-five years ago last week, a trio of young thugs beat up Charles Howard and tossed him off a bridge to his death in the Kenduskeag Stream in Bangor  all because he was homosexual. If you were gay or lesbian in Maine back in those days, you had good reason to be afraid. Now, as the campaign to repeal Maine's same-sex marriage law shifts into high gear, fear is once again in the air. Only this time it's not the homosexual community that's quaking. It's their opponents. Read more »

High Emotion
- 6/13/09
Maine has had its share of highly charged, emotional campaigns in recent years, with votes on physician-assisted suicide, late-term abortion and bear hunting. Read more »

Effort to ax gay marriage law begins
- 6/1/09
he race to get enough signatures to put a question on the ballot this fall that would ask voters to repeal the same-sex marriage law has begun. Read more »

The Same-Sex Marriage Debate: Family Matters
- 5/25/09
Emerson Merrill-Maguires third birthday party last Sunday was pretty much like that of most boys his age. There were balloons, cake, ice cream and lots of presents. He was surrounded by family and friends armed with cameras that captured his reaction every time he dove into another gift bag. Read more »

Marriage Equality in Maine: The Way Life Should Be
- 5/14/09
n the fifth anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts our community should be filled with pride. When the Goodridge decision came down, conventional wisdom said that preserving the right of same-sex couples to marry was a lost cause. Read more »

The Year of Same-Sex Marriage
- 5/10/09
It was not necessarily supposed to be this way. After California joined the agonizingly long list of states that barred same-sex marriage following a referendum vote last year, supporters of LGBT rights were frustrated and angry. Read more »

This Is a Question of Fairness
- 5/8/09
It is by no means a fast and easy path, but the cause of same-sex marriage is moving forward  proof that justice can triumph over wedge politics and prejudice. It happened this week in Maine and New Hampshire, where both states legislatures voted to legalize same-sex marriage and promptly put the final say to their governors. Read more »

State on Gay Vows: 'I do'
- 5/7/09
Jennifer Curran could only sit in the pews of her Roman Catholic church over the years and watch as bride after bride - friends, her two sisters - walked down the aisle. Read more »

Maine Governor OK's Marriage Bill
- 5/7/09
Governor John E. Baldacci of Maine yesterday became the first governor in the country to sign a same-sex marriage bill into law without being spurred to action by a court decision. Also yesterday, New Hampshire legislators approved a gay marriage law, raising to five the number of New England states that have legalized marriage between same-sex couples and bringing the region closer to uniform acceptance. Read more »

A Luster Returns To Marriage
- 5/7/09
Regardless of where one stands on same-sex marriage, one universal trait in the debate in Maine has been cherishing the institution. We cannot recall another period in which marriage has been discussed in such glowing, reverential terms. Read more »

State Should be Proud of Same-Sex Marriage Law
- 5/7/09
The governor of Maine could not have been more clear or resolute on Wednesday as he signed same-sex marriage into law, though everyone knows his approval will not be the last word. Read more »

Maine and N.H. Move to Expand Gay Rights
- 5/6/09
Gay rights advocates celebrated swift and unexpected twin victories in New England on Wednesday when Maine became the fifth state to legalize same-sex marriage and New Hampshire's legislature shortly afterward sent a marriage equality bill to the governor Read more »

Marriage and Equality
- 4/25/09
Lawmakers Thursday heard impassioned pleas to preserve marriage by limiting it to one man and one woman. They heard emotional stories of final days spent worrying about legal documents instead of life and love. But the most persuasive testimony came from a black man from Bangor. Robert Talbot told the Judiciary Committee of the laws that forbade him and his white wife from honeymooning in the South, where the couple had hoped to briefly escape the Maine winter after their February 1966 wedding. Read more »

Thousands attend a hearing on a bill that would allow same-sex unions in Maine
- 4/23/09
For more than 10 hours on Wednesday, lawmakers at a hearing on same-sex marriage legislation heard testimony that in turns was passionate, personal, heart-rending and fiery. Read more »

Attorney General Mills Supports Same-Sex Marriage Bill
- 4/22/09
Maine Attorney General Janet Mills of Farmington made an unexpected appearance at the public hearing on a bill that would allow same-sex marriage to be recognized by the state. Read more »

Marriage Turns a Corner
- 4/8/09
With this weeks legislative approval of same-sex marriage in Vermont and last weeks Iowa Supreme Court ruling overturning a ban on such unions, momentum has grown for gay and lesbian marriage. Equality, not momentum, is what should drive decisions on gay marriage in Maine. Read more »

It's Time to Enact Same-Sex Marriage
- 3/8/09
A more enlightened view of marriage will allow us to live out Jefferson's call to move past our barbarous ancestors. Read more »

No One Should Be Denied Equal Right To Marry
- 1/21/09
January 21, 2009 - In 2003, after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny members of the same sex the right to marry in that state -- a move that paved the way for same-sex marriage in Massachusetts the following year -- this newspaper editorialized in favor of gay marriage. Read more »

Religious Coalition Pushes for Same-Sex Marriage OK
- 11/13/08
Religious leaders across the state held press conferences this morning to support same-sex marriage. Read more »